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SHIFA4U (means Healing4U)

SHIFA4U is ATP’s Global Connected Healthcare project based on a proprietary and innovative digital One-Stop Healthcare portal, which interconnects local and international healthcare services and provides immediate patient access for value-based services with price transparency.

SHIFA4U also provides patient education and guides patients based on their results and queries by utilizing built-in assisted intelligence protocols designed by our American Physicians. These protocols also help local physicians to provide consistently high standards, based on best practices, of primary care services to both subacute and chronic care patients. As a result, patients experience greater satisfaction, better outcomes, higher patient engagement and a greater level of healthcare literacy.

In addition, SHIFA4U enables patients’ family members, including expats, to request healthcare services for them remotely. Through seamless Integration of these multiple ecosystems, medical tourism is enhanced through a “passport to care” on a global scale.

SHIFA4U online services include: ordering and scheduling of labs, imaging, pharmacy, home care services, appointments with healthcare providers, second opinions from multi-specialty physicians, and referral(s) for procedures or surgeries. This platform not only connects patients to their local healthcare service providers, as well as distant healthcare providers (primarily specialist physicians) via telemedicine but also interconnects healthcare providers for comprehensive healthcare delivery.

SHIFA4U was successfully launched in Pakistan in 2017 as its first target market from one city and now offers its services in multiple cities. It is now being launched in USA starting in Jacksonville Florida, as well as, other international markets including Kenya, Brazil and middle east.

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Based on our successful models of care delivery in cash-based healthcare markets, such as Shifa4U, and understanding the challenges of U.S. healthcare system (especially the affordability), we are working with our partners to launch this project in U.S. to deliver value-based affordable healthcare, especially for patients who can not afford high premium insurance.

Smart Clinix

Smart clinix is a solution designed by the physicians for the physicians. As world is going digital, so should your practice. Our platform will expand your outreach enabling you to grow your revenue with enhanced customer interaction features leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"Make your practice smart and efficient"

American TeleClinic

American TeleClinic is operated by ATP's physician wing, American TelePhysicians Partners, which comprises of U.S. and UK based multi-specialty physicians who provide second opinion services to patients in international markets via telemedicine. It also connects healthcare centers in emerging markets to American healthcare Centers of Excellence. Both offline and live video consultations are provided using our start of the art, Universal EMR, which is integrated with SHIFA4U platform. We also provide specialized care and chronic care management to our corporate clients.

UDHC (Universal Digital Healthcare)

UDHC, ATP’s IT wing, specializes in digital health and telemedicine services. It provides customized IT solutions to physicians’ practices and healthcare institutes. Services include building of customized HIPPA compliant telemedicine portal, digital marketing, branding and telemedicine consultancy, which enable physicians to increase their practice scope and improve patient care by adding telemedicine services to their existing practices.