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Cypress Village

Transforming Senior Living for Good

American TelePhysicians customized care solution for Cypress Village Senior Living manifests a live case study on using digital technology to elevate the health standards of senior living residents, cut costs and increase revenues. 

At Cypress Village, the care and well-being of residents are of utmost importance. With the help of innovative technology, ATP has partnered with Cypress Village to provide telemedicine, tele-rounding, and on-site teleclinic services to residents.


About Cypress Village


Cypress Village is a well-known senior living community in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. The community is known for providing exceptional care to its residents and for its vast size. With over 120 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Cypress Village offers residents a wide range of amenities and services to meet their needs.


The community is designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for seniors. Residents can access various on-site amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, library, and beauty salon. Numerous social activities and events are planned each week, allowing residents to stay engaged and active.


Cypress Village also provides residents with access to high-quality healthcare services. Registered nurses are on staff 24 hours a day, and the community has an on-site licensed nursing home facility. In addition, the community offers rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

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On-Site Teleclinic

Taking Care To The Next Level


Telemedicine is an innovative solution allowing residents to consult with medical professionals remotely. It's a convenient option for residents with mobility issues or difficulty accessing medical care due to transportation issues. Using telemedicine, residents can receive quality medical care from the comfort of their homes without traveling to a medical facility.


Tele-rounding Helps Senior Citizens To The Fullest


One of the most popular telemedicine services offered by ATP is tele-rounding. This is where a medical officer or nurse practitioner visits residents of the senior living facility, along with our telemedicine cart. Residents can consult with one of our specialists during this visit through video conferencing. This approach provides the best of both worlds – personalized care from a medical professional and telemedicine's convenience.


This innovative technology allows healthcare providers to conduct virtual visits with patients in real-time, utilizing video conferencing tools to diagnose and treat various medical conditions remotely. Cypress Village will take care to the next level and bring telemedicine transformation for their residents using these services by American TelePhysicians.


For senior citizens, telerounding offers numerous benefits. It allows them to receive prompt medical attention without the need to leave their homes or senior living facilities. This is particularly important for seniors with mobility issues, chronic medical conditions, or other health concerns that make it difficult to travel to and from medical appointments.

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On-Site Teleclinic Services


In addition to telemedicine, Cypress Village has also inaugurated on-site teleclinic services. This involves setting up a room on-site at the facility with all of the necessary equipment for a specialist consultation. Residents can schedule an appointment with one of our specialty care physicians. This approach benefits residents who require specialist care for chronic conditions and would otherwise need to travel to a medical facility for treatment. Provided that at a senior facility, most of the residents are in their twilight years, chronic conditions exist in higher numbers, and having prompt and proactive management healthcare structures available for them is the commitment of Cypress Village and ATP.


By providing telemedicine, tele-rounding, and on-site teleclinic services, Cypress Village can offer residents the best possible medical care while saving costs. Senior living facilities often need to employ full-time specialists or drive residents to off-site clinics for consultations. With the help of ATP, Cypress Village can provide consultations within the facility without the need for full-time doctors.

On-Site Teleclinic

Improving Care Matrices


Not only do these services save costs, but they also improve care matrices. By offering better and quicker care, a preventative approach, and easy access to medical care, residents benefit from better clinical outcomes and improved overall health. These services also improve resident satisfaction by providing better health outcomes and convenience, making Cypress Village the most trustworthy choice for senior residents.


The benefits of telemedicine and on-site teleclinic services are numerous. By leveraging the power of technology, Cypress Village and ATP can provide residents with high-quality medical care at a lower cost. This approach benefits residents and helps senior living facilities offer the best possible care to their residents while keeping costs down.


ATP's telemedicine, tele-rounding, and on-site teleclinic services have improved the care matrices, reduced costs, and enhanced resident satisfaction at Cypress Village. Cypress Village and ATP set a new standard for senior living facilities nationwide by continuing to invest in innovative healthcare solutions.

State-of-the-art healthcare technology is crucial at senior living facilities to provide top-quality care. Senior citizens typically have more complex medical needs than younger adults, requiring specialized care and attention. State-of-the-art healthcare technology, such as telemedicine and electronic health records, can help healthcare providers deliver better care and improve patient outcomes.

Cypress Village and American TelePhysicians’ partnership is the leap forward for healthcare technology, our commitment to improving access to healthcare, and the promise of senior living facilities to serve our senior citizens. Together we can change the way healthcare is experienced!

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Interested in exploring TeleLocum & On-Site Teleclinics services at your facility? 

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