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ATP 2nd Opinion Services

Get Second Opinion from America's Top Specialists and Supra-Specialists 

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What is American TelePhysicians Second Opinion Service

American TelePhysicians (ATP) boasts a robust network of 250+ accomplished multispecialty physicians, offering a paramount Second opinion service tailored to international patients. Particularly beneficial in intricate medical cases or pre-procedural evaluations, ATP's expert consultations provide invaluable insights. This service empowers patients with informed decisions, facilitating better treatment choices. Simultaneously, medical facilities worldwide gain from ATP's collaborative approach, elevating the quality of care through comprehensive assessments. Bridging geographical gaps, ATP's Second opinion service emerges as a transformative solution, fostering global healthcare excellence.

How it works

American TelePhysicians Second Opinion Services are convenient, secure, and cost-effective. Typical Second Opinion consultations start at $399. The fee may be higher depending upon the specialty, complexity, and the number of specialists involved. 


Request 2nd Opinion Service

Fill the request form to request for second opinion


Provide Details and Pay

Our rep will take your details and provide payment link


Preliminary Consult 

Our Medical Assistant will take your history and prepare your case 


Case Review 

Your case will be reviewed by our board


2nd Opinion Consultation

You will receive video consultation with our Specialist

Medical Team

Accomplished Doctors

American TelePhysicians' physicians are distinguished experts, actively practicing within the prestigious corridors of America's top-tier institutes. Their wealth of experience and specialized knowledge ensures the highest level of care and guidance for patients seeking second opinions in complex medical scenarios.

Secure Consultations

American TelePhysicians employs proprietary, secure HIPAA-compliant software, SmartClinix, for our Second opinion consultations. This advanced technology ensures utmost confidentiality and protection of patient information during virtual interactions. This secure platform exemplifies ATP's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data security while delivering expert medical guidance to patients worldwide.

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Better Clinical Outcomes

American TelePhysicians' international 2nd opinion service substantially enhances clinical outcomes. By tapping into a network of distinguished specialists, patients receive expert insights that lead to well-informed decisions. This tailored guidance fosters more effective treatment strategies, ultimately elevating the quality of care and improving overall patient outcomes.

Get American TelePhysicians Second Opinion service for complex cases or before a major procedure.

Increase Service Portfolio

Hospitals and health systems globally can enrich their service offerings by integrating ATP's American Second Opinion service. This strategic addition expands their service spectrum, granting patients access to a network of seasoned specialists. By partnering with ATP, healthcare institutions elevate their care standards and provide comprehensive, expert-driven solutions to their diverse patient base.

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Hospital Employees

Add Revenue Stream

Integrating ATP's American Second Opinion service can bolster hospital revenue streams significantly. By offering patients access to specialized consultations from a network of experts, hospitals attract a broader international clientele seeking premium medical guidance. This not only enhances patient satisfaction but also generates increased revenue through expanded service offerings and a reputation for exceptional care.

Partner with us to establish American TeleClinic™  and offer Second Opinion Service at your hospital or healthcare system!

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