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Our Three A's for Patient Health:
Access. Affordability. Awareness.

The key to building a complete, connected healthcare model includes patient education, price transparency, and unbeatable prices. Our vision for healthcare super-portals encompasses products and services at the user's doorstep with upfront pricing, regular educational material, and complete access to digital medical records anytime, from anywhere! 

Cura4U Mobile

One-Stop Healthcare

Our CURA4U project is an online healthcare marketplace for self-pay patients and small businesses. Users can schedule and receive healthcare services, including online doctors' consultations, labs, radiology services, online pharmacy, home care services, and more.


We have partnered with top service providers to ensure the best services are available at the most affordable prices to users at their doorstep. 

NeuroX and Specialty Clinics

Getting a consultation from a board-certified specialist is not easy. Limited availability, extended wait, and expensive consultations add complexity.


To ensure patients get the best consultations without any wait, American TelePhysicians launched Specialty Clinics with the help of its network of specialists, starting with NeuroX.


The flexible architecture behind our telemedicine solutions provides our Specialty Clinics with the desired customized workflows. Our large pool of multi-specialty physicians uses our specialty clinics to provide care nationwide. 

Neurology Clinic NeuroX
Disease Portals American TelePhysciians

Disease Based Portals

To cater to patients suffering from common conditions, American TelePhysicians has launched disease-based care portals. 

HepRx, one such disease portal, is making strides in eradicating Hepatitis from the densely populated regions of Pakistan. On HepRx, patients can screen, get a diagnosis, see a doctor and receive treatment without leaving their homes. 

Other such projects are CoronaX - for Covid19, WeightRx, and HypertensionX  to name a few. 

Our Pilot Project

Launched in 2017, Shifa4U was our pilot project designed to revolutionize healthcare delivery in regions without health awareness and facilities. 


The project, available through web and multi-platform apps, allows users to order and obtain healthcare services from the comfort of their homes. 


During Covid-19, Shifa4U was pivotal in providing care and assistance to hundreds of thousands of patients nationwide.  


Alexa Young, CA

"CURA4U changed the way I look at my health. With the CURA4U app installed in my phone, I feel as if I am accompanied by my personal health assistant at all times, 24/7/365"

Morgan James, NY

"It usually takes me 3 months to get a Neurology appointment for my chronic migraines. With NeuroX that wait time has been reduced to 2 days. Great care, on time and affordable!"  

Musa Ali, PK

"The way we were assisted by Shifa4U during pandemic is something I will be thankful for for the rest of my life. We received timely testing and treatment every time."  

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