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Healthcare Technology American TelePhysicians

Using Digital Technology to Build Online Healthcare Ecosystems

At American TelePhysicians, innovation in healthcare technology, SmartClinix goes beyond telemedicine. We strive to build all-stakeholders-inclusive self-sustained healthcare ecosystems with the patient as the primary focus. Hence, our technologies ensure the best clinical outcomes for the patients and immense cost savings for the providers and facilities. 

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Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record

Designed by physicians for physicians, our Electronic Medical Record System, SmartClinix, is a comprehensive, customizable, cloud-based online care solution with multiple capabilities and applications. Cloud technology ensures connectivity from anywhere, overcoming physical limitations. The customizability of SmartClinix manifests its usage by the key requirements and workflows of the client and application. 


At American TelePhysicians, we believe Telemedicine is much more than just an audio-video link. It should be a complete alternative to an in-office experience with the added benefits of cost savings, freedom to practice, and convenience. 

The flexible architecture behind our telemedicine solutions enables its usage in multiple applications, from direct-to-patient care to tele-coverage in hospitals and SLFs.

Telemedicine American TelePhysicians
Remote Patient Monitoring American TelePhysicians

Remote Patient Monitoring is making waves in managing chronic diseases and post-discharge care.


American TelePhysicians' RPM system is equipped with a fully functional dashboard with a single focus view for all your practice activities, automated notifications to practice and patients, virtual consultations, an EMR system, Monthly and Annual reports, data compliance, and much more

Telemedicine Hardware

Going from bed to bed, from facility to facility, is time-consuming and greatly reduces efficiency.


However, with our SmartClinix Carts, you can check on all your patients remotely. The high-resolution camera, with added connectivity, will ensure seamless care even when monitoring patients from your home or office.

Telemedicine Cart American TelePhysicians
Customizability American TelePhysicians


No two situations are alike.


We have in-built capabilities of extensive customizations of all our applications from branding themes to complete workflow adjustments. 

This ensures that our technology solutions remain relevant and applicable in multitude of use-cases, and can cater to the needs of individual patients, physicians, hospitals, assisted living facilities, governments and non-government organizations. 

Artificial Intelligence

We are using Generative AI to improve patient care and streamline provider processes. Our AI-powered diagnosis tools will process vast amounts of patient data to generate personalized health reports and assist physicians in developing effective treatment plans. This will reduce the burden on medical professionals and improve precision and accuracy. Additionally, AI is being embedded in our scheduling portal to predict patient no-shows in appointment systems, improving clinic efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence American TelePhysicians

Our technology is trusted by

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Northeastern Health System

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

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Cypress Village Retirement

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Empath Health

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Advent Health

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Pioneer Medical Group

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University of North Florida

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Amazon Web Services

Telemedicine Cart

SmartClinix at NHS

The backbone of our technology services is SmartClinix. 

As a fully customized telemedicine EMR, SmartClinix has helped Northeastern Health Systems, OK, to provide remote stroke and neurology care to patients using telemedicine. 


SmartClinix is integrated into our telemedicine carts, allowing for tele-stroke coverage and teleneurology consultations for patients admitted at NHS. 

Customized Portal & Solution for AHF

No one can appreciate telemedicine as much as HIV patients. 

In the wake of COVID-19, as the virus spread, American TelePhysicians built a customized patient portal backed by SmartClinix telemedicine solution to help Aids Healthcare Foundation provide prompt and secure care to HIV patients without having to leave home and expose themselves to the fatal virus. 

Telemedicine in House
Disaster Flood

Helping Eradicate Hepatitis with HepRx

Hepatitis has engulfed developing nations, especially the lower-income strata.


American TelePhysicians launched HepRx - a comprehensive screening, testing, and treatment platform backed by our telemedicine solution accessible via feature phone, web, and app to identify and curtail the spread of hepatitis in densely populated areas with a lack of awareness and poor physician-to-patient ratio. 

Cypress Village Care: 
Resident's Portal

American TelePhysicians' customized care portal for Cypress Village Senior Home allows senior living facility residents to take control of their health from the palm of their hand. 

Residents can schedule a consultation and diagnostic services via an online portal, and the facilities service providers can use the portal to provide the services seamlessly, securely, and conveniently. 

Cypress Village
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