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Our Projects and Partnerships

American Telephysicians is innovating digital projects to elevate care delivery standards, improve outcomes and save costs for patients, physicians, and facilities. 

Online Medical Consultant
UNF Basketball Team

American TelePhysicians, in partnership with PHM, has developed a cutting-edge performance tracking and improvement program for athletes. Utilizing wearable devices, our program monitors athletes' performance both on and off-site, providing invaluable insights. Our clinical experts have developed a unique algorithm that calculates athletes' PHI (personal health index) based on five key factors, which are closely monitored and analyzed to determine overall health and fitness.


The program has already been implemented successfully by UNF Basketball and Football teams and will soon be extended to all sports teams at UNF. With our program, athletes can achieve their highest potential and reach new heights in their athletic careers.

Flood and Hurricaine

American TelePhysicians proudly collaborated with the Government of Florida as the First Response Force during Hurricane Ian to assist and accommodate residents of Assisted and Senior Living Facilities who were displaced during the calamity. Our team ensured seamless healthcare coverage by utilizing on-site clinical staff and cutting-edge telemedicine software and hardware systems. Our comprehensive services included medication refills, specialist consultations, and everything in between. 


The impact of our project was nothing short of remarkable. Not only did we provide essential medical care to the most vulnerable age group of our society, but we also prevented countless ER visits through timely online consultations with our multi-specialty physicians via our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine EMR and Telemedicine carts. 


Our assistance continued for four months until the residents could return to their senior living facilities. At American TelePhysicians, we take great pride in our ability to provide reliable and effective healthcare solutions, especially during times of distress and uncertainty.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Personal Health Monitoring is a comprehensive remote patient monitoring (RPM) project that provides convenient and continuous monitoring of patients' vital signs from their homes. The solution integrates wearable and monitoring devices with our telemedicine electronic medical record (EMR), enabling patients to be monitored remotely for blood pressure, heart rate, weight and physical activity, blood oxygen levels, blood sugar levels, and body temperature.


This RPM solution is designed to help patients achieve better health by giving them the peace of mind that a team of healthcare professionals is closely monitoring their vital signs. The solution also allows patients to be more active participants in their care, as they can access their critical sign data and communicate with their healthcare team through the telemedicine EMR.

Personal Health Monitoring Logo
Sleeping Woman SleepRx

ATP has partnered with MedBridge, Walmart, Quest Diagnostics, and APRIA to offer a comprehensive program for the early and easy detection of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

The program begins with a free screening at any Quest Diagnostics location at Walmart. Patients screened positive for sleep apnea can order an at-home or in-lab diagnostic study. The study results are reviewed by ATP Sleep Specialists, who will consult with the patient to discuss treatment options. If prescribed CPAP therapy, APRIA will deliver the device to the patient's home.

This program provides a convenient and efficient way for patients to receive the care they need to manage their sleep apnea. The partnership between ATP and these leading organizations ensures that patients access the highest quality care.

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