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Virtual Physicians for Hospitals

Providing 300+ Physicians for over 12+ Specialties all across Hospitals and Practices alike in the United States with guarantee of quality diagnosis and cost effective solutions for patients.


Online Direct to Patients

We simplify care delivery with telemedicine. American TelePhysicians offers its experienced specialists’ services through various ecosystem portals so patients can get timely primary care, urgent care, and specialty care consultations and accurate diagnoses for better health outcomes.

In-Patient Rounding

To cater to the shortage of physicians at facilities that offer acute and post-acute services, American TelePhysicians provides Inpatient rounding services to enhance your facility's service spectrum, improve clinical outcomes and save costs.

Telemedicine Cart
On-site Teleclinic

On-Site TeleClinics

Our multispecialty physicians provide scheduled specialty consultation services to your patients at your clinic or facility as we establish cost-effective on-site teleclinics at your premises.  

On-Call ER Coverage

Specialist On Call Coverage is an integral part of ER services , however, many ER do not have all specialities coverage. We offer on-call coverage by telemedicine for multiple specialties

Emergency Room Coverage
2nd Opinion Services

2nd Opinion Services

Patient satisfaction is a big part of care delivery, and Second Opinion services can help. Your patients can get online consultations from our top specialists and supra-specialists for a proper diagnosis, reinforcing their relationship with you.


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Our Telehealth Specialties

Our American Board Certified Multispecialty Physicians come from diverse backgrounds with different levels of experience and are housed in all states across the USA. Some of our specialties include

Heart Cardiology




Kidneys Nephrology


Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine

Critical Care

Critical Care







Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases



Joint Pain


Patient X-ray
Doctor Examining CT Scan

TeleLocum Services

American TelePhysicians understand the importance of delivering the highest quality of care to patients, no matter where they may be. That's why we are proud to offer our TeleLocum services, which provide facilities with 24/7/365 access to highly trained physicians from all specialties. We understand that providing coverage for any specialty is a critical need for many organizations and want to ensure that our patients-focused solutions offer the best possible care.

Our TeleLocum team comprises physicians who have been rigorously vetted and are ready to work with organizations nationwide. Each is highly qualified and has years of experience in their respective field. They're backed by an experienced clinical research department ensuring that care always remains at the forefront.

With our telemedicine solutions, you can rest assured that your facility won't lack in any specialty, and you can trust the quality of care provided daily. Our custom solutions help facilities increase their coverage while reducing overhead costs associated with onsite staffing due to our expertly trained physicians handling remote calls quickly and efficiently.

At American TelePhysicians, we know that unrivaled quality of care starts with excellent communication between clinicians and patients. That's why we train our team thoroughly so they can provide secure, high-quality telecommunications from anywhere in the world—giving your facility ultimate flexibility when it comes to covering multiple locations or attending offsite events without having to worry about any gaps in coverage or a decrease in patient satisfaction due to inadequate medical standards.

No matter what kind of telehealth needs you may have, American TelePhysicians has covered you with our advanced TeleLocum services designed to increase your facility's coverage and maintain unparalleled quality of care!

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