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Information Security Policy

American TelePhysicians (ATP)'s policy entails the continual enhancement and maintenance of its Information Security Management System (ISMS) in alignment with industry best practices for software development and customer information security requirements. The primary aim is safeguarding information assets against various threats, be they internal, external, deliberate, accidental, or natural disasters.

To achieve this, ATP commits to:

  • Fulfilling all relevant legal and contractual obligations.

  • Meeting business requirements for information and system availability.

  • Constantly monitor and enhance the effectiveness of its ISMS.

  • Safeguarding confidentiality and integrity of information through systematic processes.

  • Establishing, maintaining, and testing business continuity plans, including disaster recovery sites.

  • Assessing risks to all corporate assets and implementing appropriate controls, mitigation, and contingency plans.

  • Ensuring a secure and safe environment for all corporate assets and personnel.

  • Providing a conducive work environment free from accidental and occupational hazards for human resources.

  • Training all personnel in information security practices, roles, and responsibilities.

Written By: Muhammad Talha Khawar

Dated: 13th February 2024

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