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26th Annual Conference of ISfTeH - Impacts of Telehealth

The International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) is an international networking organization that conducts healthcare events and digital health conferences every year. International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth, the global digital health network, holds its annual global health conference in different countries with the collaboration of national and institutional members of the ISfTeH. The 3rd Annual MENA Telehealth Conference will join forces with the 26th International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) Conference in March 2022 in Dubai, and American TelePhysicians is proud to be a part of this joint effort.

American TelePhysicians - Building Healthcare Ecosystems

American TelePhysicians is among the leading members of the 26th International conference for Telemedicine and eHealth Conference. ATP is a healthcare company started in 2017 by a group of young physicians, in Jacksonville, Florida ATP has created a comprehensive global healthcare ecosystem by establishing technologies, physician groups, and healthcare marketplaces in the United States and other countries. ATP aims to transform the international health markets into a global village, ensuring that accessible and affordable quality healthcare becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Physicians at American Telephysicians use digital medical records, electronic practice management systems, online patient portals, and other technology to work more efficiently and lower the chances of making mistakes. Telemedicine at ATP is another advancement that has the potential to increase profits, improve patient outcomes, and give providers flexibility in their practice.

26th International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) Conference 2022, Dubai

ISfTeH carries out its purpose of “facilitating the transmission of knowledge and experience in telemedicine and eHealth, as well as offers access to internationally well-known experts in the field.” ISfTeH helps showcase local/regional initiatives to the international community by joining hands with one of its national members each year. It also gives the members of its worldwide network an opportunity to present their activities and experience, and build connections with those local stakeholders. It provides its members (national associations, healthcare professionals and providers, educational & research institutions, technology developers/vendors, policymakers) with opportunities for exposure, visibility, and interaction through its website, newsletters, social media, events, webinars, etc in over 100 countries.

Vision of the 26th ISfTeH Conference

The ISfTeH International Conference is being hosted for the first time in the Middle East, a region where the ISfTeH has seen a significant increase in membership in recent years. It organizes international dissemination of Telemedicine and eHealth information and expertise, as well as access to well-known professionals in the field.

  • International networking within the telemedicine and eHealth industry

  • Exploring and highlighting existing synergies

  • Providing support to new national members

  • ISfTeH website and newsletters serve to spread information

  • Participation in an annual Telemedicine Directory Provides access to telemedicine networks

  • Involvement in standards and regulations for Telemedicine

  • Organizing and supporting an ISfTeH scientific conference every year in different countries

  • Promoting open dialogue and collaboration with the industry to develop and implement innovative products and services

  • Creating a platform for collaboration between healthcare regulators, funding agencies, service providers, and foreign specialists.

  • Sharing international best practices in telehealth regulation and policy development, implementation, integration, and maintenance

  • Examining new telehealth models, entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge technology

  • The socioeconomic impact of telehealth implementation on healthcare access and equity is highlighted.

American TelePhysicians (ATP), a member of the 26th ISfTeH conference

ATP has launched projects in Asia, Australia, Africa, and North America, and we continue to expand in new markets with a focus on improving healthcare access utilizing technology and innovation. ATP at ISfTeH global conference aims to promote how telehealth is evolving globally in terms of policy, business models, and improving healthcare outcomes at this special combined event. At American TelePhysicians, we visualize healthcare to be accessible, affordable, and transparent for patients. Our mission, being a member of the 26th ISfTeH conference is to promote the delivery of inexpensive healthcare services to patients’ doorsteps, and our team of imaginative multispecialty physicians and IT specialists is our strength in attaining these objectives.


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