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American TelePhysicians at Arab Health 2024: Exploring New Frontiers in Healthcare

We are thrilled to announce that American TelePhysicians will be attending the esteemed Arab Health conference in 2024. This gathering of healthcare professionals and innovators in Dubai is a premier event in the global medical community, and we are honored to be a part of it. Representing our organization are two of our most distinguished leaders: Dr. Waqas Ahmed, MD FACP, our visionary CEO, and Sherri Johnson, our dynamic SVP of Business Development.

Embracing Global Health Challenges with Population Health Management

At American TelePhysicians, we understand the significance of Population Health Management in today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. The Arab Health conference presents a unique opportunity for us to share our insights and learn from international experts. Our approach to Population Health Management is designed to improve health outcomes at a community level, leveraging technology to track and analyze health trends. We are eager to discuss how our innovative strategies can be tailored to meet the diverse health needs of populations across different regions.

Arab Health Conference

Pioneering American 2nd Opinion Service

Our American 2nd Opinion Service stands as a testament to our commitment to providing world-class medical expertise globally. This service offers patients worldwide access to highly qualified American physicians for second opinions, ensuring accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment plans. At Arab Health, we look forward to exploring collaborations that can expand the reach of this vital service, enhancing patient care and empowering informed healthcare decisions.

Customizable EMR System: Tailored for Excellence

Recognizing the unique needs of different healthcare providers, we have developed a state-of-the-art Customizable EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system, SmartClinix. This adaptable platform ensures seamless integration with existing healthcare infrastructures, offering intuitive interfaces and robust data security. Our participation in Arab Health 2024 is a great avenue to demonstrate the versatility and efficiency of our EMR system, and how it can revolutionize medical record-keeping and patient care management.

SmartClinix EMR System

Forging Partnerships in Healthcare Contracts

Our expertise extends to securing and managing Government and Private Healthcare Contracts for medical and healthcare software and services. We are particularly excited to meet with government representatives and private healthcare providers at the conference. Our goal is to explore potential partnerships that can leverage our cutting-edge software solutions to enhance healthcare delivery and efficiency.

Innovating with Remote Patient Monitoring

Lastly, our focus on Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) aligns perfectly with the current global shift towards telemedicine and digital health. RPM technology represents a significant leap in managing chronic diseases, postoperative care, and elderly care, amongst others. At Arab Health 2024, we aim to showcase our RPM solutions and discuss how they can be integrated into existing healthcare systems to provide continuous, quality care to patients, irrespective of their location.

SmartClinix RPM

Join Us on Our Journey

As we gear up for Arab Health 2024, we invite you to join us in these critical discussions and collaborations. Our presence at the conference symbolizes our dedication to advancing healthcare through technology and innovation. We look forward to meeting you, exploring new opportunities, and together, shaping the future of global healthcare.

To schedule a one-on-one meeting with our team, simply drop us an email on


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