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American TelePhysicians Selected as US Healthcare Trade Mission Delegate for Saudi Arabia

In an exciting development for the healthcare industry, American TelePhysicians (ATP) has been chosen as a delegate for the 2023 Healthcare Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia. This prestigious mission, organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, aims to foster partnerships and collaborations between American healthcare organizations and their counterparts in Saudi Arabia. The mission received a warm welcome from the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Michael A. Ratney, highlighting the significance of the healthcare sector in the Kingdom.

A Letter of Welcome

The announcement came through a letter from the Embassy of the United States of America, signed by Ambassador Michael A. Ratney. The letter extended a warm welcome to the delegates and emphasized the unique opportunity this mission presents. Saudi Arabia, known for its robust economy and commitment to healthcare development, holds immense potential for collaboration in the healthcare sector.

Ambassador Ratney praised the timing of the delegation's visit, noting that Saudi Arabia accounts for a significant portion of healthcare expenditure in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Under the ambitious Vision 2030 initiative, the Saudi Government is set to invest over $65 billion in the healthcare infrastructure. Furthermore, the government aims to increase the private sector's involvement to 65% by 2030 by privatizing hospitals and primary health centers.

American TelePhysicians: A Pioneer in Virtual Healthcare

ATP is a physician-led virtual and AI healthcare company renowned for its innovative contributions to the healthcare industry. The company specializes in building virtual healthcare ecosystems, leveraging advanced technology, multispecialty physician services, and strategic healthcare partnerships. ATP is also a stakeholder at the United Nations for its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

One of ATP's standout achievements is its award-winning AI-assisted cloud-based system, SmartClinix. This comprehensive solution serves as a virtual care platform offering a wide range of tools for creating online healthcare campuses and managing population health. These tools encompass telemedicine, risk stratification, AI-based data analytics, patient-centric apps, revenue cycle management, and remote patient monitoring with integrated medical and wearable devices for wellness and chronic condition monitoring. SmartClinix is adaptable to various EMR systems, such as EPIC, and can be customized to fit specific local workflows and business needs.

ATP's partnerships extend to healthcare systems, governments, pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, and diagnostic service providers. Together, they collaborate to establish comprehensive online healthcare campuses, outpatient teleclinics, inpatient virtual care programs, and specialty homecare programs in neurology, cardiology, diabetes, nephrology, and pulmonology.

With its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, ATP is at the forefront of virtual healthcare ecosystems, making significant strides in enhancing healthcare accessibility and delivery both domestically and internationally.

As American TelePhysicians embarks on this exciting journey as delegates for the 2023 Healthcare Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia, the healthcare industry eagerly anticipates the potential collaborations and innovations that will emerge from this significant opportunity. Stay tuned for updates on this remarkable venture as ATP continues to lead the way in virtual healthcare ecosystems and international healthcare diplomacy.


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