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American TelePhysicians Shines at Florida Pitch Day at FIU

Updated: Jun 13

Miami, Florida – June 11, 2024 – American TelePhysicians (ATP) showcased their groundbreaking digital healthcare projects at the prestigious Florida Pitch Day held at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. This prominent event brought together high-growth technology companies with substantial revenue and investment backing, offering them a unique platform to present their innovative solutions to Florida legislators and key decision-makers.

Dr. Waqas Ahmed, CEO American TelePhysicians and Charles Bell Sr., Co-founder of PHM (Personal Health Monitoring - a project of Amerian TelePhysicians) represented ATP. Dr. Ahmed captivated the audience with a compelling presentation of American TelePhysicians' cutting-edge digital healthcare initiatives. These projects are meticulously designed to revolutionize healthcare delivery and population health management. "Our mission is to bridge gaps in healthcare access and significantly improve patient outcomes through advanced telehealth solutions," Dr. Ahmed emphasized during his presentation. He further elaborated on the innovative technologies and services developed by American TelePhysicians, highlighting their potential to transform the healthcare landscape.

The Florida Pitch Day at FIU is a highly anticipated event that offers selected companies an invaluable opportunity to pitch their business ideas and services to state leaders who have the potential to facilitate significant collaborations. Each participating company is granted five minutes to present an overview of their business, showcasing their innovations and demonstrating their readiness for growth and partnership within the state. The event also features guest speakers and insightful discussions aimed at promoting innovation and fostering strategic partnerships.

Held on the vibrant and diverse campus of Florida International University, the full-day event was designed to foster collaboration and drive innovation in the State of Florida. The event concluded with an engaging on-site networking reception, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. This reception facilitated meaningful interactions, allowing participants to share their groundbreaking ideas and explore potential collaborations.

American TelePhysicians' participation in this prestigious event underscores their unwavering commitment to advancing digital healthcare. The company's innovative solutions are poised to address critical healthcare challenges, improve accessibility, and enhance the quality of care for patients. Their presence at Florida Pitch Day highlights their readiness to collaborate with state leaders and stakeholders to drive healthcare innovation in Florida and beyond.

About American TelePhysicians

American TelePhysicians is a leading healthcare organization dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery through innovative digital solutions. Founded by physicians, the company focuses on leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes, enhance healthcare access, and streamline health management processes. American TelePhysicians' comprehensive telehealth platforms and services are designed to meet the diverse needs of patients, healthcare providers, and organizations worldwide.


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