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American TelePhysicians Showcases Cutting-edge Healthcare Solutions at HLTH 2023

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

American TelePhysicians (ATP) is proud to present its groundbreaking solutions at the annual HLTH conference in Las Vegas from October 8-11, 2023. Notably, ATP has been selected as a quarterfinalist in the Rising Stars - Next Gen. Telemedicine category of the HLTH Digital Health Awards 2023, recognizing exceptional health technologies that are reshaping the healthcare landscape.

Positioned at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and information technology (IT), ATP is spearheading the transformation of healthcare delivery. The company's innovative technological solutions aim to enhance care accessibility, reduce costs, boost revenues, and optimize clinical outcomes.

ATP's SmartClinix Digital Practice Management and EMR Solution

SmartClinix, ATP's cloud-based digital practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) solution, is tailor-made for telemedicine and virtual care practices. It incorporates a comprehensive suite of features to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver high-quality care to patients.

Key features of SmartClinix include:

  • A comprehensive EMR system managing patient records, appointments, billing, and more.

  • Integrated telemedicine capabilities for seamless patient visits.

  • Remote patient monitoring tools for early identification of potential health issues.

  • Practice management tools to enhance operational efficiency.

ATP's Healthcare Marketplaces

ATP has developed healthcare marketplaces, such as CURA4U, facilitating patient access to top-quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes. These marketplaces offer a range of services, including telemedicine, diagnostic service scheduling, specialty and wellness clinics, patient education, remote patient monitoring, and much more.

AI and IT in Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery

ATP employs AI and IT to revolutionize healthcare delivery, as seen in the SmartClinix platform. AI assists physicians in more accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, the platform identifies patients at risk of certain conditions, enabling preventive care measures.

ATP is also pioneering the development of new healthcare products and services, such as an AI-powered chatbot providing basic medical guidance without delay. This initiative aims to ease the burden on healthcare professionals, enhance access to care in underserved areas, and improve overall patient experience.

Benefits of ATP's Technology Solutions

ATP's technology solutions offer numerous benefits for healthcare providers and patients:

For healthcare providers:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity.

  • Cost reduction.

  • Increased revenues.

  • Enhanced patient satisfaction.

For patients:

  • Improved access to care.

  • Cost savings.

  • Convenient and user-friendly services.

  • High-quality care from top-rated specialists.

Visit ATP at HLTH 2023

For an in-depth understanding of ATP's innovative technology solutions, visit the us in booth #5256 at the HLTH 2023 conference in Las Vegas. Our team members will be available to answer questions and demonstrate how these solutions can enhance healthcare practices or meet individual healthcare needs.

ATP stands as a leading provider of virtual healthcare services and digital health technology, dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Our innovative solutions offer the potential to significantly impact the healthcare landscape by improving access, reducing costs, increasing revenues, and enhancing clinical outcomes. Healthcare providers and patients alike are encouraged to explore ATP's technology solutions for a transformative healthcare experience.


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