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American TelePhysicians Teams Up with NFL Players Association for a Health Revolution

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

American TelePhysicians is excited to team up with the NFL Players Association in an effort to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle among professional athletes. Our dedicated Personal Health Monitoring (PHM) team recently had the honor of participating in the NFL Players Association Living Hearts health fair, thanks to an invitation extended by former NFL quarterback Matt Robinson.

The esteemed members of our PHM team who attended the event included Shyam Paryani, Charles E. Bell Sr., Greg Gutkowski, Muhammad Saad, MBA, and UNF athlete Ariana Munoz. The presence of our team at this event marks a significant milestone in our commitment to improving the health and fitness of NFL players.

The event, held today, was a testament to the growing importance of proactive health monitoring and preventive care in the sports industry. Former NFL quarterback Matt Robinson's invitation reflects a shared vision of prioritizing the well-being of athletes, a cause that American TelePhysicians is proud to champion.

At the heart of our efforts lies the innovative PHM venture powered by SmartClinix technology. This revolutionary approach is transforming the healthcare, wellness, and sports medicine industries by harnessing the power of AI-based data-driven remote monitoring systems, integrated wearable devices, and personalized care plans.

The Living Hearts health fair provided an excellent platform for American TelePhysicians to showcase the capabilities of our PHM venture. Visitors to our booth had the opportunity to learn about the sophisticated AI-driven remote monitoring system that forms the backbone of our approach. The integration of wearable devices allows for real-time data collection, enabling our team to gain valuable insights into an athlete's health and performance.

Charles E. Bell Sr., a key member of our PHM team, emphasized the significance of personalized care plans in optimizing the health and fitness of athletes. "Every athlete is unique, and their health needs vary. Our PHM venture tailors care plans to individual athletes, ensuring that they receive the specific support required for their well-being," he said.

Greg Gutkowski, another member of our team, highlighted the role of integrated wearables in the success of our remote monitoring system. "Wearable devices provide us with a continuous stream of data, allowing us to monitor key metrics and identify patterns that may indicate potential health concerns. This proactive approach sets the stage for early intervention and prevention," Gutkowski explained.

Muhammad Saad, MBA, underlined the broader implications of our PHM venture, stating, "While our initial focus is on athletes, the applications of our technology extend beyond the sports world. We are laying the foundation for a new era in healthcare, one where individuals have the tools they need to actively manage their health and well-being."

In conclusion, American TelePhysicians is proud to be at the forefront of a health revolution in collaboration with the NFL Players Association. Our PHM venture, powered by SmartClinix technology, is not only transforming the sports medicine industry but also setting a new standard for proactive health monitoring and personalized care. As we continue to work closely with NFL players, we are confident that our innovative approach will contribute to a healthier and more resilient athletic community.

For more information about our Personal Health Monitoring (PHM) venture and the transformative impact of SmartClinix technology, stay tuned to the American TelePhysicians website for updates and insights into the future of healthcare and sports medicine.


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