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Empowering Communication: Great Speech Teams Up with American TelePhysicians to Bring Virtual Speech

In an exciting leap forward for the field of communication therapy, Great Speech and American TelePhysicians have formed a dynamic partnership to offer a groundbreaking online solution for individuals of all ages seeking improved speech communication. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between those in need of specialized speech therapy and the convenience of virtual care.

Dr. M. Farooq, MD, FAHA, FACP, RPNI, Neurologist and Head of Specialty Clinics at American TelePhysicians, comments, "This marks a significant turning point in the realm of communication therapy. The partnership's potential impact on accessible, high-quality speech care is promising."

Avivit Ben-Aharon M.S. Ed, M.A. CCC-SLP, the founder and clinical director of Great Speech, underscores the profound influence of this collaboration: "The Great Speech approach to virtual care supplements American TelePhysicians' comprehensive solutions. Our shared commitment to enhancing speech therapy services' accessibility and quality has the potential to reshape lives, addressing speech and communication challenges with a specialized touch."

The synergy between Great Speech and American TelePhysicians will be channeled through key strategies:

  1. Neurologist Assessments: American TelePhysicians will leverage its network of neurologists for virtual diagnoses and treatment recommendations, often including a prescription for speech therapy.

  2. Value-Based Care Initiative: Great Speech's initiative will identify members at risk and recommend neurologist consultations for formal evaluations and diagnoses. The NeuroX program significantly shortens the waiting period for diagnoses and comprehensive care planning.

  3. Virtual Doorstep Solution: The partnership plans to collaborate with health plans and payers, devising a virtual doorstep solution catering to members with conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and more. This solution aims to provide the support of a neurologist along with beneficial speech therapy.

"NeuroX, a neurology focused online ecosystem by American TelePhysicians, addresses a spectrum of neurological and neurodegenerative disorders that can influence language expression and comprehension. Great Speech is a vital component, providing essential speech and language therapy, especially for patients with aphasia and other speech-related concerns.

The collaboration between Great Speech and American TelePhysicians is poised to make a profound impact on the lives of those seeking specialized speech and communication care. With a shared commitment to quality, accessibility, and innovation, this partnership sets a remarkable precedent in the evolution of virtual healthcare.


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