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Tele-Hospitalist Services

American TelePhysicians now provides Tele-Hospitalist/Tele-Nocturnist Services for Hospitals and Clinics across the United States for top notch patient care & revenue management


What are Tele-Hospitalist Services

As a company that provides hospitals with Tele-Hospitalist services, we provide patients with access to experienced hospitalists through virtual platforms, ensuring continuous and comprehensive care. By leveraging technology, tele-hospitalist services enhance patient outcomes, improve hospital efficiency, and address the growing demand for medical professionals. 

We are thrilled to provide affordable and trusted telemedicine professionals to clinics and doctors alike, with Tele-Hospitalist just being a few advantages of what we provide.

Benefits of TeleHospitalist Services

Our Tele-Hospitalist Company provides a variety of benefits for larger clinics and state side hospitals alike. Here are some key benefits:


Improved Access to Specialist Care


One of the primary benefits of tele-hospitalist services is the improved access to specialist care. In many regions, particularly rural or underserved areas, there is a shortage of specialist physicians. Tele-hospitalist services bridge this gap by connecting patients with experienced hospitalists regardless of geographic barriers. This ensures that patients receive expert medical advice and treatment promptly, which is crucial for their recovery.


Continuous Patient Monitoring


Our services enable continuous patient monitoring, which is essential for patients with chronic conditions or those requiring intensive care. Through remote monitoring devices and real-time data transmission, hospitalists can keep a close watch on patients’ vital signs and respond to any changes swiftly. This constant vigilance helps in early detection of potential complications, allowing for immediate intervention and preventing the condition from worsening.


Reduced Hospital Readmission Rates


By providing comprehensive and consistent care, tele-hospitalist services play a significant role in reducing hospital readmission rates. Patients discharged from the hospital often need follow-up care to ensure they are recovering well and adhering to treatment plans. We conduct virtual follow-up appointments, offer medical advice, and adjust treatment plans as needed. This ongoing support reduces the likelihood of complications that could lead to readmission.


Enhanced Patient Satisfaction


Patient satisfaction is a critical metric for healthcare providers, and tele-hospitalist services contribute positively to this aspect. Patients appreciate the convenience of receiving expert care without the need to travel or wait for appointments. The ability to consult with a hospitalist from the comfort of their home or local hospital room increases patient comfort and satisfaction. Moreover, the personalized attention and timely medical interventions provided by tele-hospitalists foster a sense of trust and confidence in the healthcare system.


Cost-Effective Healthcare Solutions


Tele-hospitalist services offer cost-effective solutions for both patients and healthcare providers. For patients, the reduction in travel expenses and the ability to avoid prolonged hospital stays translate to significant savings. For healthcare providers, tele-hospitalist services help in optimizing resource utilization, reducing the burden on on-site staff, and minimizing the need for additional physical infrastructure. These cost savings can be reinvested into further improving patient care and expanding healthcare services.

What We Offer

ATP are proud to provide nationwide telehospitalist services with inpatient care provided by some of the best neurologists and other specialists in the entirety of the United States. Our ambition is to bring top end healthcare to urban/rural areas with top end experts looking to help grow your revenue and provide your patients with the best that telemedicine services has to offer.

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Increase percentage of Door-To-Needle times below 45 minutes.


  • Implementation of the acute care protocols and criteria for administration of alteplase.


The TeleSpecialists program creates efficiencies through process improvement within the infrastructure of the Emergency Department.

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