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Teleneurology & Telestroke at NHS

A whitepaper on the impact of Teleneurology and Telestroke services provided at Northeastern Health Systems, Oklahoma, by the American TelePhysicians' project, NeuroX. 

In today's healthcare environment, hospitals are under increasing pressure to improve clinical outcomes while controlling costs. One way that many hospitals are meeting these challenges is by using teleneurology and telestroke services.


Teleneurology is the use of telecommunications technology to provide neurology consultation services from a remote location. Telestroke is a specific type of teleneurology that involves the use of real-time video conferencing to provide stroke diagnosis and treatment recommendations.


There are many benefits of using teleneurology and telestroke services, including improved clinical outcomes, reduced travel costs for patients and providers, increased revenues for hospitals, and improved patient satisfaction. In this white paper, we'll take a closer look at how our teleneurology and telestroke coverage is helping hospitals meet these goals.

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As the population grows, hospitals nationwide face an unprecedented challenge: a specialist-physician shortage. Neurologists, in particular, who specialize in diagnosing and treating nervous system disorders, frequently suffer from staffing shortages as their Neurologist-patient-ratio is considerably lower than other specialties. This can cause a major problem for patients when dealing with diseases such as stroke. Because neurologists are so scarce, stroke sufferers receive late treatment or fail to receive any at all, leading to poorer overall outcomes.


Consequently, many hospitals struggle with ensuring they have adequate neurology support and resources; this has become an increasing problem that needs urgent attention to tackle the specialist-physician deficit, provide quality care and improve healthcare outcomes worldwide.


NeuroX teleneurology and telestroke services address the challenge of providing access to specialist expertise by delivering a specialized solution that can be accessed on demand when needed. The almost instantaneous allows vascular neurologists to provide emergent assessments directly in the emergency room. This reduces door-to-needle time and ensures patients receive appropriate thrombolytic therapy as soon as possible. Our TPA (thrombolysis protocol authorization) provides quicker admission of tPA candidates into procedures such as acute catheterizations for better outcomes. We also connect with post-discharge follow-up consultations, managing on-going cases without having to refer out for specialty care, thus improving patient adherence to prescribed treatments and potentially decreasing readmission risk.

Only 49%
hospitals in USA have Neurology Coverage

average wait time for Neurology Appointment

ideal door to needle time for stroke patients

brain cells die per minute in case of ischemic stroke

NeuroX services offer key benefits that help hospitals across various applications. At hospitals like Northeastern Health System, Oklahoma, where NeuroX is providing Teleneurology and Telestroke services in ER, Hospital, and Post-Discharge setups, a multitude of benefits have been observed.


  • The availability of Telestroke services by NeuroX helped NHS achieve Stroke Care Certification by DNV, which increased the number of stroke patients brought in by EMS.

  • Clinical outcomes improved due to the almost instantaneous availability of vascular neurologists via Telemedicine.

  • tPA administration increased due to the availability of vascular neurologists who are comfortable with thrombolytic therapy.

  • Clinical outcomes also improved owing to post-discharge follow-up consultations by our Neurologists, medication adjustment, and recovery analysis.

  • Quick re-admissions were also reduced by 8% owing to post-discharge care delivery by our neurologists.

  • Care matrices improved including door-to-needle time by 22%, door-to-CT time by 21% and door-to-read-of-CT time by 25%

  • Length of stay improved, and patients are being discharged in a more timely manner.

Neuro Diagnostics

Our services are designed to enhance acute and post-acute care for some of the most critical patients in your hospital. We provide a comprehensive array of teleneurology, tele-stroke, and other solutions to ensure that health care is streamlined from assessment to discharge. By partnering with us, you can maximize efficiency while offering better patient outcomes and increasing satisfaction. From in-patient rounding to acute stroke consults, we have you covered!


If your hospital struggles to provide quality care due to a shortage of neurology specialists, our teleneurology and telestroke services can help. With access to specialist expertise, you can improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, increase revenues and even save on costs. Ready to learn more? Contact us today for more information about how we can help your hospital succeed.

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Interested in exploring Teleneurology and Telestroke coverage at your facility?  

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