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Partnering with Pioneer Medical Group, American TelePhysicians launches ViCare - a comprehensive multispecialty and multichannel virtual care service program covering everything from telemedicine software to hardware to specialty care physicians to remote patient monitoring and beyond.

American TelePhysicians and Pioneer Medical Group have recently joined forces to provide comprehensive virtual care services through their new venture, ViCare. By building on the strengths of both companies, this collaboration will offer an innovative solution to improve patient access to healthcare while reducing readmissions for hospitals in the process.



Established in 2017, American TelePhysicians is a healthcare IT company that offers software and hardware solutions for telemedicine, patient management, and remote patient monitoring. We have extensive experience providing technical support to healthcare providers, allowing us to develop innovative technology solutions with high-quality standards. Meanwhile, Pioneer Medical Group is a multi-specialty physicians group headquartered in Tampa, Florida, servicing patients since 2006. Their expertise in medicine makes them well-suited to offer superior care services by leveraging technological advances.


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ViCare, a collaborative venture between American TelePhysicians and Pioneer Medical Group, stands as a pioneering force in the realm of transitional care. Its primary focus is to shepherd patients through the delicate phase of transitioning from hospital to home, thereby minimizing the likelihood of hospital readmission. This innovative program is meticulously crafted to extend care beyond the hospital walls, facilitating patients in their recovery journey and providing a crucial link between hospital discharge and the subsequent visit to their primary care physician (PCP). Functioning as a virtual medical care service, ViCare is distinctively positioned not as a substitute for PCP visits but as a vital bridge, ensuring a seamless continuum of care during this critical period.

At the heart of ViCare's strategy is its commitment to promoting a safe and effective transition for patients returning home. By offering virtual medical care, it leverages technology to bring experienced clinicians into the homes of patients within the first 5-7 days post-hospital discharge. This one-time ViCare visit is a cornerstone of the program, conducted with precision and compassion to provide a range of essential services. Within the familiar and comforting surroundings of the patient's home, clinicians engage in medication education, aiming to empower patients with the knowledge necessary for adherence and compliance. This educational component becomes instrumental in equipping individuals with the tools needed to manage their health independently.

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The referral partner submits the patient referral to the ViCare team and the patient is registered in the ViCare Platform.


The patient is registered in the ViCare Platform, medical records are obtained, and a Consent to Treat and Medical Records Release is transmitted to the patient right from the platform. Upon registration, medical records are obtained, etc.


The visit is scheduled for the desired date and time identified by the referral partner and links to join the visit are simultaneously sent to our provider and patient’s cell phone or email if preferred

The program's role as a bridge between hospital discharge and the initial PCP visit is pivotal. Recognizing the vulnerability of patients during this transitional phase, ViCare acts as a proactive intermediary, filling a crucial gap in the continuum of care. Beyond medication education, the visit encompasses a comprehensive review of laboratory results and medical orders. This not only ensures the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment but also allows for timely adjustments, aligning the care plan with the evolving needs of the patient. ViCare thus becomes a dynamic force, responding in real-time to the intricacies of each patient's recovery journey.


Importantly, the ViCare visit goes beyond the clinical aspects, extending into the realm of patient and family engagement. It serves as an opportunity for patients and their families to address any concerns, seek clarification, and engage in an open dialogue with experienced clinicians. This holistic approach recognizes the significance of a supportive environment in fostering recovery. By actively involving both patients and their families, ViCare establishes itself as more than just a medical service—it becomes a partner in the broader healthcare journey.

In essence, ViCare emerges as a transformative force in transitional care, employing virtual medical care to ensure a patient-centric and holistic approach to recovery.


Through its innovative model, it not only prevents hospital readmissions but also contributes to the overall well-being of patients by bridging critical gaps in the care continuum. As a beacon of efficiency and compassion, ViCare sets the standard for post-hospital care, demonstrating the power of collaborative ventures in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.


Interested in finding out how ViCare can help your facility provide better care, reduce readmissions and save costs? 

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