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Partnering with Pioneer Medical Group, American TelePhysicians launches ViCare - a comprehensive multispecialty and multichannel virtual care service program covering everything from telemedicine software to hardware to specialty care physicians to remote patient monitoring and beyond.

American TelePhysicians and Pioneer Medical Group have recently joined forces to provide comprehensive virtual care services through their new venture, ViCare. By building on the strengths of both companies, this collaboration will offer an innovative solution to improve patient access to healthcare while reducing readmissions for hospitals in the process.



Established in 2017, American TelePhysicians is a healthcare IT company that offers software and hardware solutions for telemedicine, patient management, and remote patient monitoring. We have extensive experience providing technical support to healthcare providers, allowing us to develop innovative technology solutions with high-quality standards. Meanwhile, Pioneer Medical Group is a multi-specialty physicians group headquartered in Tampa, Florida, servicing patients since 2006. Their expertise in medicine makes them well-suited to offer superior care services by leveraging technological advances.


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Together they have created ViCare, a virtual care company focused on providing at-home medical coverage and enhancing remote patient monitoring options. With ViCare, physicians and patients can benefit from secure access to digital health records and interactive tools for easy communication. Patients also gain peace of mind knowing that someone is always available for assistance.


The main objective of ViCare's services is to help hospitals take over post-discharge care and reduce their readmission rates. By using digital technologies such as AI-powered voice assistants or telehealth devices coupled with remote monitoring systems, patients can stay informed about their health even after leaving the hospital. This allows doctors to keep track of vital signs remotely while enabling them to intervene immediately if any changes are detected. Additionally, direct messaging between physicians means faster response times which helps ensure better health outcomes for all involved parties.


For hospitals looking for an effective solution to reducing readmission rates while still offering top-notch care services. ViCare provides the ideal solution by combining American TelePhysicians' technological expertise with Pioneer Medical Group's extensive medical knowledge. With an emphasis on leveraging modern digital technologies such as AI-powered voice assistants or cloud computing systems, ViCare offers comprehensive telemedicine solutions for improved patient access to healthcare and reduced readmission rates for hospitals - all at a cost manageable for most budgets.


Interested in finding out how ViCare can help your facility provide better care, reduce readmissions and save costs? 

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