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Who We Are

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare and a promising medium to offer healthcare across the globe. It is not, however, merely a physician to patient encounter rather, it is a comprehensive integration of distant healthcare systems. And that is what American TelePhysicians is about. We are a digital healthcare provider organization that is transforming global healthcare by establishing and interlinking innovative healthcare eco-systems leveraging latest information technology, quality healthcare providers, and reliable delivery models.

What We Do

  • We deliver patient/family-centric personalized holistic primary and specialty care that is revolutionizing the care delivery model by providing value-based, accessible, and quality healthcare services through personalized telemedicine and an innovative business model.
  • We provide our patients Passport to Health and Wellness and promote patient education to help them make the right health choices.
  • Our proprietary systems and technology result in better care, outcomes and enable a complex network of resources enabling our physicians to provide comprehensive care, at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost, by the right provider.

ATP Group of Companies

How We Do It

ATP’s healthcare eco-system is built around our innovative online one-stop healthcare platform, Shifa4U (Shifa meaning “Healing”) which consolidates local and international healthcare services including physicians on its digital portal and connects them to its users to deliver value-based, accessible and quality healthcare (like Amazon of healthcare). This platform also utilizes assisted clinical intelligence technology to standardize the care protocols for our affiliated physicians and to help patients make sound decisions about their own healthcare.

We establish American Cinical Care Centers in our international target markets to develop and operate innovative eco-system around Shifa4U. These centers operate American TeleClinics to connect patients with our multi-specialty U.S. and UK based consultant physicians who provide their expert Clinical services via second opinion service using our state-of-the-art integrated telemedicine Universal EMR to provide real-time connected healthcare. Preventive care and patient education are also hallmark of Shifa4U project.

Our Team

  • Waqas-Ahmed-MD-FACP

    Waqas Ahmed MD FACP

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Naseer-Khan--------------------------MD-FACC

    Naseer Khan MD FACC

    Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
  • Mujtaba-Butt-MD

    Mujtaba Butt MD

    Director Gastroenterology
  • Hammad-Bhatti-MD

    Hammad Bhatti MD

    Director Pulmonology Services
  • Naila-Goldenberg-MD

    Naila Goldenberg MD

    Director Endocrinology
  • April-Botero

    April Botero

    Director Physical Therapy
  • Fahad-Waqar-MD-FACP

    Fahad Waqar MD FACP

    Director of Medical Informatics
  • Faisal-Usman-MD

    Faisal Usman MD

    Director of Critical Care
  • Hina-Jamali-MD

    Hina Jamali MD

    Cardiology Specialist
  • Habib-Khan-MD

    Habib Khan MD

    Vascular Surgery Specialist
  • Leila-Ganjehei-MD

    Leila Ganjehei MD

    Cardiology Specialist
  • Tatiana-Arilha-Thom-MD

    Tatiana Arilha Thom MD

  • Muhammad-Adnan-Sohail-MD

    Muhammad Adnan Sohail MD

    Director American Teleclinic

Our Team